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Black Knight Blades

The Bushcrafters

The Bushcrafters

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Handle Color

Blade Length: 5-1/2"

Handle Length: 4 3/4"

Thickness: 3/16"

Handle Material: Dymalux

Steel: 8670

Weight: 10 oz (Including Sheath)

This is the bushcraft knife done right. They're designed after proven Scandinavian woods knives. How are they different? Many bushcraft knives on the market today have one or more of these problems: weak tang, right angles in the choil that create break a point, and steels that require special tools to resharpen. Our Bushcrafters address all of these problems. They use full-tang construction, there are no right angles in the choil, and the 8670 steel holds an edge for a long time and is easily resharpened in the field.

But don't you need right angles to strike a fire starter? Yes you do! But that's along the spine, not cut into the profile. 

The difference between the BC-1 and BC-2 is the profile of the grip. Includes Kydex sheath with belt clip.

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