Bring honor, integrity, justice, and quality to the knife world.


Extremely high quality knives in the pocket of every American.

  • Our knives are not just made in America. They are made by true Americans. We make products we can proudly stand behind. Products that our tribe trusts at work, in the woods, and in combat. Everything from our Mid-Tech Series knives to one-off customs are hand made by Logan and Bryan. Every piece is fully functional. If it can’t go directly from an antler chop to a paper slice, it doesn’t leave the shop and we back every one of our knives with a lifetime warranty. 

  • The Mid-Tech Process

    These are the knives we designed for ourselves to carry every day. They are each iterative, being subtly tweaked over and over based on customer feedback and our own experiences. Sheets of steel and G-10 are first cut to shape by machines. We then bevel, heat treat, and finish them by hand. This allows us to completely control the quality while still producing them in bulk. The heat treat is the most important part of the process. This is what gives the knife its toughness and edge retention. It cannot be done in batches. If knives are heat treated together, there is a good possibility they will insulate each other and not reach the right temperature. This causes a common problem we have all unfortunately experienced -- a weak knife that won't hold an edge.

  • The Materials

    We use 8670 steel. It is traditionally used to make sawmill blades. In sawmills, the blades spin at 9000 fpm as they rip through tree trunks. The blades have to be extremely tough and hold an edge for a long time. With our proprietary heat treat method, 8670 steel is superior in toughness and edge retention while still being affordable.

    We use G-10 for our handles. It is known for high strength, low moisture absorption, and chemical resistance. It offers excellent grip and compliments the superior toughness of our steel.

  • Black Knight Blades is owned and operated by Logan Brackin and Bryan Smith. The two of us make every knife by hand in our shop in College Station, TX. Logan began making knives in 2012. What started as a cool gift idea for family turned into a passion to move the knife industry forward. In 2020, Bryan joined to help take the business to the next level. We exist to correct a problem we see in the knife world. There are low price, junky knives that are outsourced overseas. There are okay knives outsourced to American manufacturers. There are very expensive knives that are hand made. We have dialed in our process, our materials, and our heat treat to ensure that you get a knife of the highest quality at an affordable price. We are actual knife makers who understand how to get the most out of the steel. We are not dependent on a third party manufacturer to mass produce our products.