At Black Knight Blades, we make our knives with the utmost attention to detail. We use the best materials available to us and during the manufacturing process, each knife is treated with extreme care as though we were making it for ourselves. We stand behind our knives with a lifetime guarantee. If your Black Knight Blade should ever break when used as intended, we will repair or replace it. This warranty follows the knife throughout its life, wherever it is in the world. We do not require proof of sale or warranty registration of any kind.

The Fine Print:

We like to follow the KISS principle. Keep it simple, stupid (but don’t be stupid!). Our knives are durable, and we stand by our work. 

Our warranty is simple - If you break it, we will replace it or repair it at our discretion. Don’t worry about us asking questions about ownership or asking you to provide a million documents proving ownership. If it is one of our knives, ownership does not matter, the warranty applies. All we ask is that you return the product to us so we can validate the warranty claim (this is required). This warranty applies to all of our knifes unless explicitly stated otherwise. In short, treat yourself and us with respect and we will do the same for you and your blade.

Our knives are made from high carbon steel and will stain/rust if not properly cared for. The user is responsible for properly cleaning and lubricating their knife (we recommend REM OIL). Our warranty does not cover normal wear and tear (scratched coating, dulling of edge, etc), rust, loss, or theft. Please contact us if you need replacement parts or would like a quote for a knife repair for normal wear and tear. 

Coatings or blade finishes will wear with time and use; this patina is normal.

Our Stupid Policy:

Remember the KISS principle? For your benefit and your knife, DO NOT BE STUPID! There are some activities we feel are inappropriate for the good of all mankind, let alone a warranty claim. If the knife does not explicitly state it is a throwing knife, please do not throw it. Throwing a knife not designed as a throwing knife is dangerous and may cause unintended injury. 
Please do not place your Black Knight Blades knife in the dishwasher. Dishwashers can operate at high temperatures for long periods of time. This at best will ruin the finish on a blade, at worst it will ruin the temper of the blade (the blade will no longer hold an edge well). This is not a smart thing to do and is not covered under warranty.

If you have a strange desire to chop through an engine block, titanium air-frame, or rock, or throw
your knife into sulfuric acid (see sentence about “throwing” above), or anything any reasonable person would consider stupid, idiotic, or otherwise moronic, please do not buy our products; they aren’t for you. If you have already purchased our product and have a desire similar to the above, unfortunately we do not offer a warranty for idiocy. We recommend a remedial home economics class, or perhaps a kindergarten level safety class (remember “don’t run with scissors”?). 

One last note; we are not responsible for any injuries resulting from the use of our products (we provide the tool, you provide the responsibility to use it properly).


We offer knife sharpening services! 

When you purchase a knife from us, we offer discounted sharpening as a courtesy to you! 
The process is simple: Please send us the knife with a return shipping label and the appropriate payment amount and we will sharpen and send back. 
Knives made by us: $12.00 per knife (minimum order quantity 3 knives)
Knives NOT made by us: $20.00 per knife (minimum order quantity 3 knives)

Please contact us if you are outside the United States.

NOTE: If you prefer not to pay in cash then please email us at and we will send you an invoice and link where you can pay via debit/credit card. Please no checks.


Shipping and Returns

All items ship to United States residences only. Please contact us if you are outside of the United States and we can arrange shipping.

Items that are purchased through the website are complete items.
All sales, including custom orders, are final.

Any deposit or layaway money for knives, axes, or custom orders are also non-refundable if you decide not to complete the purchase.

Due to the nature of the items being sold, we do not accept returns or exchanges.
For any questions or if an item arrives damaged please contact us.

Warranty Claim

Please fill out this form to start a warranty claim. Our warranty is meant for any knives that have been damaged or broken beyond repair. Please see our warranty above for details regarding what is covered. If you send us a knife that is not covered under warranty (or is sent and found to fall outside "normal and reasonable use") then we are not responsible for return shipping. If you are not certain whether the issue you are experiencing is a warranty issue, please contact us before you send the blade.

Note: we will send you an email after you complete this form with a copy of your warranty claim. Please include this in the box with the damaged product you are returning. We cannot guarantee a successful warranty claim if this is not completed.

Please email us for instructions if you are submitting a warranty claim from outside the United States.

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