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Black Knight Blades

Chef Knife

Chef Knife

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This is a large, light, ergonomic kitchen knife. The larger size of the knife allows you to easily work with larger items like a whole chicken while the light weight and ergonomics make it just as easy to do fine, delicate work.

Many chefs prefer high carbon steel over stainless for its ability to hold an edge and resharpen easily. You shouldn't have to send it off to be sharpened (although we will do that for you for free). Will it rust? Only if you don't take care of it. Is it easy to take care of? Yes, incredibly easy.

The handle material is G-10. This is one of the toughest handle materials available. It is epoxied and riveted to the knife for life-long durability. We currently have three color choices available.

Blade Length: 8"

Handle Length: 4.25"

Blade Thickness: 1/16"

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