Bring Your Dream Knife to Life!

We will take your general guidelines (Bowie style, Damascus blade, twelves inches in length, for example) and turn out a killer cool, one of a kind custom knife.

It will be mind-blowing. It will be indestructible. You won't be able to put it down. Everyone you know will be sick of hearing you talk about it. But, we are going to do it our way. If you're looking into this option it's because you know and love our style. Let us do our thing. We've found that this produces the best result for you, the customer. We won't let you down.

Give us some general guidelines about the size and shape you would like. Example: Bowie style, Damascus blade, twelves inches in length. We'll put together a quote and a sketch so you can see where you're headed. By the way, we'll send you the signed sketch with the knife!

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